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Why do I need Savings & Investment Plans?
You have always given your family the very best. And there is no reason why they shouldn’t get the very best in the future too. As a judicious family man, your priority is to secure the well-being of those who depend on you. Not just for today, but also in the long term. More importantly, you have to ensure that your family’s future expenses are taken care, even if something unfortunate were to happen to you.

A big factor that you need to consider while building your wealth is inflation. It has a dual impact on your hard-earned savings. Inflation not only erodes your current purchasing power but also magnifies your monetary requirements for the future. Sample this: An 35 Year individual needs to invest Rs. 36,000/- per year with 8% returns to build a corpus of Rs. 10,00,000/- by the age of 50 Years.


However, Rs. 10, 00,000/- after 15 years would be worth roughly around half of what it is today once adjusted for inflation at the rate of 4%. Therefore, an individual will need to save nearer to Rs 50,000/- annually to reach your targeted savings at the age of 50 Years, if you consider inflation.

Our Savings & Investment Plans provide you the assurance of lump sum funds for your and your family’s future expenses. While providing an excellent savings tool for your short term and long term financial goals, these plans also assure your family a certain sum by way of an insurance cover. With HDFC Standard Life’s range of Saving & Investment Plans, you can therefore ensure that your family always remains financially independent, even if you are not around.

Types of Savings & Investment Plans
Our range of Savings & Investment Plans includes
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